40 hours from the UK to Maui

I’ve been travelling from the UK to Maui, Hawaii for about 10 years now and it’s always been a 24 hour trip from door-to-door. This time, things just didn’t quite work out… and it ended up being just over a 40 hour trip…

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Rope Tree has died :-(


Rope Tree, the famous landmark on Stable Road is the latest victim to the high levels of beach erosion this summer.

We’re running a tribute site over on mauiwindcam; check it out…

Jaws Footage – 15th December 2004

Posted on here a while back, but got lost along the way… so here it is again! 8 minutes worth of (unedited!) highlights of the tow surfing at Jaws on Big Wednesday.

This was the first big swell of the season on Maui, with the NWS forecasting it at 35 -- 45 feet faces. The gates to Ho’okipa were locked, and stayed locked the next day too.

It all kicked off at around 0745, and all the wipeouts in this video are before 0815!

Check out Julia Schweiger’s site for some photos from this day…